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ROCK THE TRAILS is a guided and condensed program that teaches you the foundation of trail running and will increase your confidence, reduce that deer-in-headlights stare, and turn up the fun for your upcoming adventures.

And it’s all about the fun!

“I found the downhill running video really helpful; it taught me some new things and also confirmed some of my own observations.”

Rodica Slemmer

“I really enjoyed the video and I have watched it multiple times and will probably watch it more. ¬†It really helped me at the Cedar Brake trail run.”

Ben Callaway

“The video was great! Even after running trails for awhile I picked up a couple of new things. I can’t wait to get out to CRP and bomb some hills!”

Jolene Aden

Your ROCK THE TRAILS¬†“Roadie”

David Hanenburg


I¬†started passionately playing in endurance sports in 2000 and have¬†been jammin’ on the trails since 2007. I’ve¬†played in both lowlands and the mountains with race finishes up to¬†100 miles. As a Team RWB Trail Running Camp mentor (Woot! Group C!) for three years, I shared the foundation and¬†the joy of trail running to both military veterans and civilians.

To further connect and dial up the fun within our trail running community, I created Endurance Buzz Adventures and Endurance Buzz. EBA organizes trail running races on some of the sweetest trails in north Texas. EB is a trail and ultra running site that focuses on the people, places and races in the south midwest United States (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM).

Happy Running!

Rock The Trails Course